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Handmade Unique Gifts, Artfully Crafted

Yarn bowls to Yearn for

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That one-of-a-kind gift ...

The pieces from Serenity Artisans are all hand-made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by artisans, one at a time, and given the attention and care by the craftsperson knowing that they are creating a piece that you will want to pass down for generations.

You can feel the smoothness of the polished wood, you can see the grain and the luster in the brilliant shine, and you can hear the sounds of appreciation when your gift is opened, especially if you are giving that gift to yourself!

Hand Made Gifts

Serenity Artisans wanted to create items as individual and beautiful as the people who would be owning them.  Each one is hand made. When you own a Serenity Artisan gift, you own a handcrafted work of Art and Beauty.

You work hard creating masterpieces, and we feel you deserve something worthy sitting next to you while you do that. After all, you're much more likely to finish that work in progress if it is displayed in a beautiful bowl next to you than if it is tucked away in a bag.

Commission work for that one piece that's truly all yours

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That Special Gift

Important life events are happening all the time. New babies, Weddings, Graduations, and quite often finding the perfect gift to express your feelings just can't be found in a mass marketplace.

Serenity Artisans can help create that perfect gift with commission work; such as a beautiful bowl for the ring bearer to hold the wedding rings (because a pillow really doesn't make sense), a bowl that becomes an heirloom and a tradition to be passed down to future generations.