Sycamore Yarn Bowl

Sycamore Yarn Bowl


These beautiful sycamore bowls are the perfect gift for the artisan in your own life. The sycamore in these bowls is made from quarter-sawn wood which not only brings incredible strength and integrity to the wood, but dramatic flecking as well. The detailed finishing and buffing brings out the rich detail of the natural wood grain while providing a luster and glow worthy of display. Individually made, these numbered bowls are a centerpiece to hold anyone's masterpiece in progress.

Whether knitting or crocheting, at almost nine inches wide these unique hexagonal bowls hold yarn and project to keep them from getting tucked away in a drawer or bag. They are constructed without the use of nails or screws to keep any protruding points from ruining your hard work. And the matting on the bottom will let you pull on your yarn without the bowl sliding along the table.

Even with nothing on the needles, these bowls are an impressive display piece.


  • Top Inside Corner to Corner = 9”

  • Bottom Inside Corner to Corner = 5.75”

  • Height = 4.5”

Please remember since these bowls are individually made there will be some variations.

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