Thorsen Pen

Thorsen Pen


Thorsen - Do you have someone in your life that is really hard to shop for ?  Are you looking for something extra unique to catch their eye, a conversation piece ?  This handsome individually hand turned twist pen is created from an actual 50 Caliber fired Brass shell casing.  This is not an imitation, but the actual Brass shell casing.

This pen is made from Bocote wood with 24K Gold accents complimenting the Brass casing of an actual 50 Caliber bullet.  It accepts standard Cross pen refills and has been individually hand polished with a durable finish for years of daily use.  No two pens are ever identical, as every turning and section of wood offers unique shapes, textures and grain patterns making this a one of a kind gift.

All of our pens come gift boxed and ready to give someone special, even if that someone special is you.

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